“I’ll do it later” is our favorite phrase whenever we face tons of work or just simply being lazy. It has become a habit to do something late, mostly if it does not classify as urgent. We always think that we have plenty of time to waste, which leads to…

Traveling has always been an essential part of strengthening the bond of a family. In order to enjoy exploring other places, adhering to a planned schedule will help tie up the pieces and make it into a whole new journey that everyone will love.

Before going into our dream destination, foreseeing what is needed to be done will always be part and parcel of the “know-how” of traveling.

Communication plays a vital role in achieving shared meaning in understanding the world better. While Planning helps us organize our daily schedule of activities and our lifestyle in general. When combined, Communication Planning helps us grasp a bigger picture of our goals. This progress allows us to realize the possibilities — benefits or threats in what we are trying to achieve. Communication Planning also gives us the idea of curating possible programs or methods intended to solve problems or issues by using messages to communicate effectively and benefit the target audience. Just like Keisha Brewer’s Ted Talk about Strategic Communication, we must express the need to communicate after identifying the goals to craft vital messages to attain value that the right audience can receive at the right time. Hence, the reason why Communication Planning is the lifeblood of effective and efficient communication.

What are the odds of becoming the person you once dream of? How big is the possibility that someone’s aspirations come true? Two simple questions that keep bugging me every single day since I’ve step foot in College. I mean, it’s not always rainbow and butterflies at the path I’ve…

Charlize Carrera

Well-driven Communication student. Goal-oriented. Seeks discomfort through writing opinions-utilizing the ability to speak up.

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