About Me

Charlize Cecille Carrera
2 min readJan 28, 2022


I am a work in progress — waiting to unveil myself at the right moment.

I am Charlize Cecille A. Carrera, 20 years of age as of this writing. I was born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines. I am now in the third year of my Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree at Saint Louis University. I am pursuing this course because I have always been interested in writing fiction and non-fiction. While exploring the vast field of Communication through the offered courses, I also find myself enjoying Marketing, Public Relations, basic graphic design, taking photos, and editing videos. I am trying to hone my talent in each field and I am taking every opportunity to learn new things to apply it to my future profession, whatever it may be.

As I juggle my studies and personal life, I always make sure to fill my knowledge through reading novels and news articles at my vacant time and learning through documentaries, movies, and k-series. Aside from these hobbies, I also enjoy organizing and planning my schedule and tasks to allocate my time wisely and effectively.

Now that I have reached this point of my college journey, I am immensely grateful that through me, I have been the living proof of these mantras: “Progress is what matters,” “Be a person of Perspective,” “Rest, but never stop achieving.” With some of these sayings in my study area, I survived, accomplished, surpassed all those semesters, and stepped forward through my goals.

Who am I? I am your average independent woman striving to be better each day.