Blog Entry No. 3 — What are the odds?

What are the odds of becoming the person you once dream of? How big is the possibility that someone’s aspirations come true? Two simple questions that keep bugging me every single day since I’ve step foot in College. I mean, it’s not always rainbow and butterflies at the path I’ve chosen, and in fact, I still cannot believe that I reached this point of my life regardless of the circumstances, and I couldn’t be more proud because, for the first time, I picked something for myself that I know I dearly love.

What are the odds of achieving the passion that is burning within your heart? I once asked that question myself, and I answered just recently that I tried to fight my own battles and remember why I started. I know, and I feel that writing is the only talent I could ever tell anyone. Still, as I look back at my younger years, I realized that I am good at communicating with people from different backgrounds and life stories. I have led me to become a voice amplifier; I also have the sense of urgency at tasks and why Broadcasting can be for me if I become better by overcoming my stage anxiety.

Becoming the person you once dream of is the greatest joy and achievement in life. So, no matter how rough the road is, how long it might take, and how impossible it looks like. I will strive harder to pursue what fuels me to keep going, and I will risk everything to gain knowledge and skills that I will use in the future. I manifest that I can improve my self-esteem, overcome my awkwardness in front of the camera, and remove my stuttering. These are only baby steps compared to what I might face in the future.

Progress is one of the things that keeps me going. I can see a clearer picture of me achieving my life goals through manifestations and daydreams, even if being consistently motivated during this particular time is hard. But working harder pays off because I pick up different pieces from lessons that still amazes me. All the doubts and fear led me to become a better version of myself, using the ‘what are the odds’ questions to enhance my skills for the betterment of my future career.

Well-driven Communication student. Goal-oriented. Seeks discomfort through writing opinions-utilizing the ability to speak up.