Blog Entry No. 4 — The thriving future of Journalism

Charlize Cecille Carrera
2 min readJan 30, 2021


The fast-paced constant change for an innovative life is continuously on the run. Citizen journalism (also known as collaborative journalism) is starting to incorporate into our lives, especially that many Injustices are happening to the world. According to Paul Lewis, the use of Collaborative journalism is enabling ordinary people to hold influential organizations into account and accepting the fact that you can’t know everything, so you allow technology to be your eyes and ears.

Citizen journalism results from an individual’s urge to know the alternative truth through using new technology—a combination of different perspectives, deliberate misinformation, and the desire to understand what occurred. The progression of collaborative journalism goes on with the innovations and has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But, the three key points that I learned was:

1. Stories are online magnets — with the power of the internet, stories can reach all over the world in a blink of an eye. They are obtaining multiple pieces of information that can be used as evidence or future reference. It also helps people to know better and judge wisely based on the credibility of the material posted.

2. New layer of accountability — being bombarded with information from different individuals makes us liable for what we consume. So before we release our statements, we must not be entitled to our opinions. But instead, we must be responsible for our opinion because crafting judgments without researching or without enough validity leads to misinforming other citizens.

3. Nobody can deny the power of citizen journalism — through the complicated process of citizen journalism, people are learning to stand up for themselves and become a voice amplifier for others. Interacting with the higher-ups and empowering the youth to know better. The power that collaborative journalism holds equates to the democracy of the people.

It is only a matter of choice to contribute, obtain, and contest information through the record, witness, and share. The thriving future of journalism is the masses, and it starts now.