#CommunicationPlanningSeries№2-Manifestation in figures

Charlize Cecille Carrera
6 min readJun 24, 2021

Human beings can dream and manifest the way they wanted things to turn out. May it be a future profession, a house, car, wallet, etc.


My Ideal Wallet consists of a typical wallet content: Government ID cards, polaroid pictures of whom I treasure in my life, ATM cards, money, and receipts.


Patricia’s Ideal Wallet consists of an external warm neutral pop of color to embody simplicity and uniqueness. In contrast, the insides of the wallet are color white for it to be neat looking, and a snap button lock to secure the insides of her belonging. The content of her ideal wallet consists of a mini-coin purse pouch, ATM cards, etc.


Patricia mentioned that her ideal wallet signifies how she lives her life; she wanted her perfect wallet to be simple. She also has different compartments to organize her money depending on her expenses. She sees her ideal wallet with a lot of money to signify her success and happiness to buy whatever she desires and enjoy her hard work.


Patricia likes to be independent. As much as possible, she does not want to ask for money from her parents because she likes to work hard for the money she spends. She also wishes to be financially capacitated enough to give back to her family and provide for them after graduating.


The wallet she dreams of having also resonated with her personality — she is a simple, kind-hearted woman who gives to those in utmost need, happy-go-lucky, organized, and neat in her belongings. She is good at handling her own money, and she does not depend on her parents to buy her what she wants. Patricia is motivated to establish her career immediately to give back to her family.


Patricia needs a way to express her feelings, thoughts, and ideas without doubting how others may react to what she says because whenever someone borrows money from her, she cannot say no to other people out of empathy. Surprisingly, Patricia is innately kind and good, but anything excessive will not be good for her.


Problem Statement: Just like any other individual, Patricia is keen on her personal preferences and aesthetics. She is organized with her budget, and she wants to keep track of the money she has for better budgeting. She can also have a hidden pocket for emergency money.


To fit Patricia’s ideal wallet, I added BT21 RJ, her favorite BT21 character, to follow her minimalistic aesthetic. I also changed the neutral color into a cooler tone of nude to achieve the “uniqueness” of color she preferred. Then I added a Face ID security to secure her items on her wallet and a compartment to hide her extra money in it. The small rectangular shape below indicates how much money is left in her wallet to track her budget easily. This technology can only be seen by her, the owner, by the use of Face ID.

My Solution for Patricia’s Ideal Wallet

Patricia loved the design and solution. However, she feels the need to have multiple wallets to suit her mood, outfit, the sum of money that she will put, interchange her wallet and organize her cash depending on the day she will have. May it be at school, work, or groceries, and to have something extra to get in case of emergencies.


Going back to the basics, Patricia has different wallets that she uses to interchange with. The initial solution is to have her a new“on-the-go coin purse” and “all-around long wallet” to choose amongst them depending on what she prefers for the day.

I designed and used the same kind of technology from the Initial Prototype of her Ideal Wallet.


The design of the wallet is efficient, and it is suited to what Patricia likes. Her personality reflected her dream wallet alongside the technologies to secure her belonging, and she can also see the amount of money in her wallet without opening it.


  • The exterior design of the wallet
  • To incorporate more of the content of what’s inside the wallet


Patricia asked if there are possibilities if the coin purse can be upgraded in size for her to put more inside of it.


The size of the wallet can still be upgraded to fit her liking.


The activity made me miss face-to-face classes more and actual interactions inside the classroom. Collaborating with Patricia has always been a hassle-free journey of reflecting on what she likes or what she does not. Designing her ideal wallet and making it come to life made me know more about her personality. I also learned to incorporate and improve new technologies based on her needs. The overall design, influence, and impact came to address the areas of her interior and exterior design of the wallet and add security so she can be more confident with what she owns.

Getting feedback from Patricia helped me visualize what needed to be changed-added or removed. Testing the online prototypes also gave me an idea of the feasibility of the wallet for future use. These also helped me highlight the innovations I designed for her final “three different kinds of wallet.”

Designing someone’s ideal wallet brought inner dilemmas and self-questioning of many “what ifs” What if Patricia didn’t like my design? What if the solutions I innovated do not resonate with what she wants, and a lot more. Thinking of solutions to uncatered or unseen problems made me critically think of what needed to be done. Both creatively express Patricia’s needs, attain value and benefit her by crafting and designing her wallet. The overall process made me curate and plan carefully in the manifestation of her figures.