Three tips to stop doing it later

Charlize Cecille Carrera
3 min readDec 14, 2020


“I’ll do it later” is our favorite phrase whenever we face tons of work or just simply being lazy. It has become a habit to do something late, mostly if it does not classify as urgent. We always think that we have plenty of time to waste, which leads to delaying what’s supposed to be finished or, in other words — procrastination. Cramming has positive and negative effects; it can help develop concentration and the ability to think and improve because of the time limit you have to follow to pass on time. On the other hand, procrastinating also cause inefficient use of time and intensely increases a person’s stress, leading to inconsistent performance and impaired mental function.

With these, I have prepared three tips to stay ahead of your lane.

1. Have a sense of urgency — Sense of urgency refers to seeing tasks as urgent and needing to be dealt with immediately (focusing on the ‘now’). Having this mindset should be on top when you plan to stop procrastinating. This positive outlook will help you be satisfied with your work, lessen stress levels, and value time that would contribute to how you wanted to mold your professional personality.

2. Create checklists and Schedule on your calendars — Creating indexes and scheduling what you are supposed to do are the first steps to being organized. Making to-do lists and agendas as a habit would elevate your energy to finish what’s on your plate because you will be motivated to tick them off your checklist. This habit will also remind you of your tasks and plan for the coming days, leaving no requirements left behind.

3. Have a rewarding system — Having a reward system after accomplishing your tasks would make you feel motivated and untamed while doing the activities. Giving yourself a treat would also push you to keep going and make you feel better and realize that the assignment is better done earlier than to problematize it afterward. Be good to yourself, have your favorite snack, meet your loved ones, go for a spontaneous trip, watch your favorite movie/series, and do self-care because you deserved it.

Pro Tip: Write motivational memos in your working area.

These are some motivational quotes/messages of what I wrote to push me to keep going;

It may take time to add these to your routine, but I assure you that you will be able to meet a new person inside of you throughout the process! You will see how much you are capable of and track your progress. Doing tasks as if it is always due the next day would promote your competency level, brain-training, and enhance your professionalism. Could you do it now and not regret it later?